ISOGAI Kimiyoshi, Founder of Isogai Therapy


Chronological Record


Born as the second son of ISOGAI Ryonosuke at Nanzenji, Kyoto. Ryonosuke, a Kendo Master, had visited the US by the invitation of Mr. E. H. Harriman, a railroad tycoon, in 1905.


After graduating from Kyoto Pharmaceutical School, worked at the Ministry of Welfare Inst. of Hygienic Sciences.


Worked at the Osaka Medical College.


ook over his uncle's orthopedic clinic.
Started studying claudication treatment including after-effect of poliomyelitis and hemiplegia.


Passed the national Judo therapist examination


Expanded his scope of study to include a person's whole body.
Found "the effects of hip joint dislocation on systemic condition."
Presented the findings with x-ray photographs.


An article on the Isogai Therapy in regard to poliomyelitis, spinal caries, etc. appeared on Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper.
In November, Dr. TATEDA Kyoichi, lecturer at the Kyoto Prefectural Medical University, presented a report on "A New Perspective on Poliomyelitis" and showed great interest in the Isogai Therapy.


In April, broadcasted the outcome of his therapy for after-effect of poliomyelitis titled "The Advancement of Oriental Medicine" in a program of Kyoto Broadcasting System.


In August, moved to Tokyo.
With an introduction from Dr. YOSANO Hikaru, Director of the Public Health Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, started poliomyelitis treatment at Koumei School for the Physically Handicapped.


In January, with an introduction from late US President Roosevelt's widow, submitted a report titled "The Effects of Hip Joint Dislocation on Systemic Condition (mainly in regard to poliomyelitis treatment)" to various foundations including the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Sister Kenny Foundation, etc.


In August, opened the Isogai Therapy Clinic independently in Tokyo.
In September, gave a lecture titled "The Effects of Hip Joint Dislocation on Systemic Condition" at Japan Shiatsu College.
In October, presented a paper on the "Isogai Therapy" at the Japan Comprehensive Medical Society.


Identified the mechanism of symptoms of No. 1 dislocation (when a person's left leg is longer than the right leg), No. 2 dislocation (when right leg is longer), and the third phase symptoms (No. 1 and 2 mixed).


In February, wrote and published " Isogai Therapy: Ultimate Correction of imbalanced body-100 Case Studies" (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.).


In July, appeared on the TV program "Afternoon Show" (NET Broadcasting System) twice to introduce the theory of Isogai Therapy as well as No. 1 and 2 dislocation and the third phase symptoms.
From December 1970 to December 1972, appeared on various TV programs to introduce Isogai Therapy. TV programs include "Housewives, It's 2 O'clock" (Mainichi TV), "KINBARA Jiro Show-Here is the Scoop" (Nippon TV), "Ogawa Hiroshi Show" (Fuji TV), and Nagoya TV's programs. Topics introduced include "Making your height taller by correcting stoop and leg length discrepancy", "Ultimate treatment for stiff shoulders, back pain, migraine, lower back pain, slipped disk, knee joint diseases, sensitiveness to cold and predisposition to getting tired easily", "Making your leg length even by correcting hip joint dislocation", and "A method of diagnosing diseases based on the navel position."


In June, wrote and published "Isogai Method to Grow Taller" (Ikeda Shoten).
In September, gave a lecture "Blind Spot of Modern Medicine" and offered training at the Kansai Acupuncture and Judo Therapist School.


Between February and May, appeared on various TV programs to introduce the Isogai Therapy, including "Tuesday Special" (Nippon TV), "11 PM" (Nippon TV), and "23:00 Show" (NET TV).
In June, Tokyo 12 Channel broadcasted its program "Saturday Journal" from the Isogai Therapy Clinic. Furthermore, various books introduced the Isogai Therapy, including "Life Series 1000-Katei-Gaho" (Shufunotomo Co.), and "Science of Fasting Therapy (written by KOUDA Mitsuo; Shunju-sha).
In December, wrote and published "Isogai Therapy Health Method-Blind Spot of Modern Medicine" (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.).


In May, wrote and published "Preventive Medicine-How to Maintain Good Health All Your Life" (Hato-no-mori Shobo).


In February, wrote and published "Way to Overcome Incurable Disease-50 Cases of Patients Recovering Their True Health" (Hato-no-mori Shobo).


Chinese translation of the entire book, "Isogai Therapy," finally completed by doctors and university professors from Tianjin City, China (translation started in 1978), and was introduced throughout China as the collection of Isogai theory and its treatment.


In August, old version of "Preventive Medicine" was totally revised and was published as "New Version: Preventive Medicine" (distributed by Maruzen, published by Lattice).
In September, English version "Isogai Dynamic Therapy" that had been prepared by the strong demands overseas and its Japanese version published (both English and Japanese version distributed by Maruzen and published by Lattice).


Deceased in February

ISOGAI Keishu, Head Therapist, Isogai Therapy Headquarters


Chronological Record


Born in Kyoto as the first daughter of late ISOGAI Kimiyoshi, the founder of the Isogai Therapy. Graduated from Bunkyo Women's College and Kuretake Gakuin Tokyo Medical Treatment School. Obtained the licenses of practitioner in acupuncture, moxibustion and Shiatsu massage. After finishing Nippon Liberal Arts Association's Child Care Program, obtained the license of Childcare Worker.
Studied under her father for over 25 years and mastered the entire theory and skill of Isogai Therapy as well as his teachings on being a therapist.


Following her father's death, became the successor of Isogai Therapy Headquarters.


Following the founder's will, opened the Isogai Therapy School.
Appeared in various TV programs, including "Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle", "Zoom In Morning", "Tonight", "TV Columbus", "Human Search-Wishing to Know More", "Good Morning TV", "Doki-Doki Shichau", and "Genki Zoshindo Honpo".


Received "Society Merit Award" from Japan Culture Promoting Association.
Lectured at the 18th Clinical Training Program on Manual Therapy that took place at Tokyo Medical Treatment School.


Presented a report on the "Treatment For Jaw Arthritis" at the 2nd Conference of Japanese Academy of Occlusion and Health.
Dr. Jack Malcolm, an Australian osteopathic physician, visited the Isogai Therapy Clinic and learned the splinting method of treating poliomyelitis.
Wrote and published "Let's Correct the Hip Joint Dislocation," (Takanawa Shuppan-sha).
Dr. Jack Malcom revisited the Isogai Therapy Clinic with his poliomyelitis patient. It was for the patient to undergo the treatment and for the doctor to learn the splinting method. Two months treatment with splintage enabled the patient to walk by himself and they returned to Australia.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Television introduced the Isogai Therapy in a program of treating incurable diseases.
In December, visited Australia by the invitation of a clinic in Sydney.
Gave instructions on splintage and treated patients, bringing rays of hope to patients with incurable diseases. Wrote and published "How to develop natural healing abilities in children" (Geibun-sha).


Recorded and published a video "Isogai Life Support Therapy.
Contributed articles on cases of Isogai Therapy in a monthly journal "Manual Therapy" for one year starting from July 1995 Volume (Taniguchi Shoten).
Contributed articles on Isogai Therapy's preventive medicine and correction of hip joint dislocation in a bimonthly journal "Karada Science" for one year starting from Dec. 1995 Volume (Karada Science-sha).


In March, announced a plan to deploy 300 sites to be designated as an Isogai Therapy Clinic. This plan is currently in progress.


Starting April, lectured at Nikaido Hearth Sport College, teaching Isogai Therapy in the liberal arts course.
Lectured at Chang Jung Christian University Medical School Clinical Studies Lab (Zhang Xuexian Sensei (張学賢先生)) in Taiwan.
Lectured twice at Taiwan National College of Physical Education and Sports.
Lectured in front of over 500 people at a performing arts center on the 5th floor of Taipei Station. It was introduced in various media and received much attention


Taiwan branch clinic opened in Taiwan


In March, Lectured at Japanese Society of Judo Therapy in Fukuoka, Judo Therapist Society in Hyogo, and International Momiji Reflexology Conference.
Lecturer of Yomiuri Culture Center


Published Chinese translation of "Hip Joint Realigning Method".


In March, published "Blind Spot in Medicine is the Hip Joint" (Goma Shobo).
Appointed as an Adviser to Momiji Reflexology Society.
Appointed as an Adviser to the Spine Correction Society.
Appointed as an Adviser to Taipei City Union for Chiropractic
Appointed as an Adviser to Kensei Chinese Medicine Clinic Assembly(健成中医医院集会)
Appointed as an Adviser to Nagata International Sui-gassho Society(詠田国際推合掌学会)


In September, held "Isogai Therapy Health Seminar" at DAYEH Takashimaya in Taipei.
On Nov. 25 and 26 in Hong Kong, held "Isogai Therapy Seminar" at International Naturopathic School.
Received World Naturotherapist License(世界自然療法医師証書)


On Nov. 9 in Taiwan, participated in the "Round Table Free Talk" sponsored by the Liberty Times Net.
200 people attended the Isogai Therapy Lecture at the "2007 Earth Conservation Society" that night.
On Nov. 24 in Taiwan, held a lecture and practical training at Chang Gung University, attended by 700 people from around the globe (9th International Manual Therapy Lecture)


On April 3 in Hong Kong, lectured at the 5th International Naturotherapy Society.


On Aug. 23 in Taiwan, the Japan Isogai Pain Relief Team held seminars at various locations.
On Dec. 12 in Taiwan, held Isogai Therapy Seminar at Clear Direction Naturopathic Institute in Taiwan


On June 4, in Korea, held Isogai Therapy Seminar at the Kyonggi University.
On Sept. 18 in Taiwan, lectured at the International Therapists Academic Exchange held at the Taipei Medical University


On July 15-17 in Taiwan, held a three-day Isogai Therapy Seminar at the National Taiwan University (International Conference Hall).
On Nov. 20 in Tokyo, held Isogai Therapy Seminar at the Japan Judo Therapist Association (Nipponbashi Business Center).


On July 7 and 8 in Taiwan, participated in the Natural Medicine Forum held at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science.
On July 20-22 in Peking, participated in the Spine Health Medical Technique Exchange held at the Peking Spa Hotel International Conference Center.
On Oct. 19-21 in Taiwan, held Isogai Therapy Intenseive Seminar at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science.
On Nov. 11 in Tokyo, held Isogai Therapy Seminar sponsored by the Japan Judo Therapist Association at Surugadai Memorial Hall of the Chuo University.


On May 14-16 in Korea, held Isogai Therapy Intensive Seminar at Woosuk University.
On June 16 in Tokyo, held Isogai Therapy Seminar of the Japan Judo Therapist Association at Surugadai Memorial Hall of the Chuo University.


On Feb. 16 in Taiwan, held Isogai Therapy Special Seminar at National Taiwan Normal University.
On May 14-16 in Hangzhou City, China, held Isogai Therapy Special Seminar.
On Dec. 3-5 in Malaysia, participated in the World Chinese Natural Medicine Forum held in Kuala Lumpur.


On June 1-3 in Shanghai, China, held Isogai Therapy Seminar.
On June 28-29 in Puchon City, Korea, held Isogai Therapy Special Seminar. On Oct. 23-25 in Chongqing City, China, held Isoga Therapy Seminar.


On Jan. 21-22 in Korea, held Isogai Therapy Special Seminar at Chung Cheong University.