For those suffering from lower back pain, stiff shoulders, stiff neck, hernia, bow legs, etc.

People suffering from modern diseases such as lower back pain, stiff shoulders, stiff neck, hernia, bow legs, etc.
come to Isogai Clinic(Tokyo, Nakano Ward) where we are proud to have over 70 years of experience.Located conveniently near JR Nakano Station,
Isogai Clinic is popular not only with the local people but people from all over Japan and the world.
You can trust our record of success and experience.We accept Japanese health insurance plans.

Strain on the pelvic joint is the cause of a number of diseases

Why do people become sick?
Modern Western medicine answers that question with viruses, bacterial infections, bad diets, stress and poor environment.
Here at Isogai Clinic, we think that there is another big cause of diseases.
That cause is the hip joint.When the hip joint that supports the upper body is warped humans unconsciously try to correct the balance of the pelvis.
This unconscious action inevitably leads to curvature of the spine, which is connected to the pelvis.
This strain on the back puts pressure on the spinal nerves and leads to various types of pain and diseases.

On your initial visit we will examine your disease and find the cause

Here at Isogai Clinic, we work to correct the hip joint and take strain off of the pelvis and back.
As total body balance is achieved stiff backs, stiff shoulders, hernias, and bow legs can be corrected and a number of diseases can be cured.On your first visit, we will examine the strain on your hip joint.
We will choose the best treatment strategy for you and focus on rebalancing your pelvis joint.
Isogai treatment uses a system that increases the body’s natural immunity without putting any burden on the body or using medicine.

Medical Treatment (Initial Fee)

Reservations are required for the initial visit.
After the initial visit reservations are not required.
Initial Treatment Fee    9,900yen
Foreign language support fee    5,500yen
Total Initial Fees    15,400yen

Medical Treatment Fee (After the initial visit)

Treatment Fee    4,400yen
Treatment Fee (Infant)    3,300yen

Please call or email to make an appointment.

Please be aware that we are unable to answer phone calls in English.For inquiries in English please email us.


2-11-2 Nakano Sun Nakano Mansion 6F Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Located 3 minutes from Nakano Station South Exit.
Our office is above the dental clinic